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Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you would like, with the countless hours we spend in Miami traffic, the school, children’s activities in the afternoon and taking care of the house, you feel in need of a little break and we completely understand! That’s exactly how "DoorStep-Pirouette" was created

Our Miami clients are seeking to help their children to become the dancer they look up to and dream of becoming someday.  Our particular ballet private lessons will completely change your child’s perspective in life, we encourage our students to be the best they can be, not only during class but on their regular life also. 

Working with them one-on-one, help us teachers to mold their behavior into a positive thinking providing them with self esteem and courage to succeed at everything they face. Without the distraction  of a room full of peers, students are able to focus all of their attention on their instructor and the step or position being learned. One-on-one interactions enable the student to use all of their brain power and gives the liberty to the teacher to personalize the curriculum and work in a specific area where the dancer is lacking or staying behind.

For the best experience, we typically recommend 90-minute ballet lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 60 minutes. We count with portable dance floors & ballet barres that  can easily adapt to any space in your house.

Ballet classes at home

Ballet classes at home


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A unique experience for dancers who want to explore new styles or pre-professionals who are looking to improve and achieve excellence